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publié le 12/03/2019 à 08:09

The artist gospel singer Chris Voice has ignited the hall of worship of the Jesus kingdom ministry sunday, February 24th, during the presentation of his maxi single video of three titles.

I want to sing your praises is the flagship title of this maxi single in french. The artist interpret several titles among others: “Je veux chanter tes louanges”; “Jesus na water...”; “Fidèle en Jésus”

The artist led the participants in exceptional moments of prophetic praise and offered his audience massively 3h of praise and worship with these confreres who came from Douala and Southwest to support him. The praises rose up To God.

At the end of this evening the artist shows his satisfaction and his audience was very happy and proud to have participated in this event.

DVD available from your usual distributor at 678641467.



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